CRETE, Vamos, AROSMARI Village Retreat (see below)



My very short holiday list ...

I try to travel as often as possible - but I've probably spent less time abroad than most of my generation !!


Until a few years ago the only time I'd left the country was on a DAY TRIP Cross-Channel ROCK n ROLL Cruise from Dover to Calais and back !!   I believe the main attraction - apart, of course, from improving my Schoolboy French  - was seeing the "on-Board" entertainment by The Shadows ... and Gene Vincent



Wow, if this is a foreign holiday, play on - give me excess of it !!


My first ever aeroplane flight took me, in 2008, to Chania Airport, in CRETE, to begin my first real Overseas Holiday.  We stayed at the edge of VAMOS, a traditional looking village.  Our accommodation was one of the seven or eight newly converted old stone farm buildings that have become delightful retreats with modern facilities.  Guests have the use of an outdoor pool and the gardens where we found a goat-herd's shelter built of stone like the cottages.  A few paces away is an old miniature private chapel with the most ornate paintings and decoration - and large enough only for 3 or 4 standing, tightly packed adults at a time.  The holiday was perfectly organised, down to the smallest detail, by Simpson Travel of London.  Find them at www.simpsontravel.com


My photo gallery features some pictures from holidays and trips away over several decades ... and includes even more pictures that are nothing to do with holidays !


Have a good look round ... you may even see yourself!  If not, maybe somewhere you'll recognise!

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My name is John Miller.


Please have a good look around and get to know this lovely part of ENGLAND !  ( I  had to edit this bit because it used to say "Sussex-By-The-Sea" ... but in January 2015 we sold up and moved to take on a BIG project - renovating and personalising a former GUEST HOUSE in Norfolk ... turning it into our new family home.


Maybe there will be some BEFORE / AFTER pictures as we make progress.


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