Our home

It's so important these days to have somewhere to get away from the stresses of the day and just relax.


That sometimes  happened in our West Sussex home but the house was often more like the proverbial Clapham Junction Station or a Heathrow Terminal, with non-stop activity, seemingly endless comings and goings and the frequent reminders that we often have as many as five adults here, each with a mobile phone that's either ringing, clicking or beeping or even occasionally being used as a telephone.


There have been times when I've wondered why we needed to have 4 landline handsets as well ... with two separate landline numbers.


The adults I mention are ourselves and Owen (our son, still for sale !), our elder married daughter Samantha and Sam's middle daughter Poppy who (at time of writing) has been in the wars recently, walks with the help of crutches, sometimes falls over, works for her living and is very good at (beeping!) games on her mobile phone.


In addition to the adults, on 3 days every Term-time week my wife, Joy, looked after our youngest granddaughter at our house while her Mum (our daughter Rachel) was teaching at a Primary School in Hayling Island and her Daddy was off to work.


Soon after she arrived each day (around 7am !) Florence (born late summer 2009) would come upstairs with Joy and after asking how I am, immediately ask for a Guitar to play - or to watch items on YouTube in the Computer Room / Record Collection Room / Library (!) next to the bedroom !


Apart from predictable YouTube favourites like Nursery RHymes and Children's Songs ... Florence quickly became (seemingly) addicted to watching LITTLE RICHARD singing "LUCILLE"  !!


Discouraging her interest in playing guitar, playing drums, dancing or listening to 1950s and 60s music would be like trying to push the water back up the Niagara Falls !  She always knew which guitar she wanted that day - the black one, the brown one or the red one!  Then she wanted it plugged into one of the amps ! No, these things are NOT in the bedroom already !  The guitar had to be fetched from what we laughingly call the 'Music Room', bedroom 4, which is where she had her afternoon nap ... while Joy, downstairs, tried to remain within earshot of the baby-audio-monitor - just in case.


I digressed again !


(Note - written at the time) She plays it with the instrument lying across her legs as she sits on the bed and however long she spends playing it, she ends up trying to put the plectrum into any opening or recess on the guitar, making it very difficult to retrieve!