My hobbies

Epiphone Les Paul Custom 3 Plus




Over the years my interests, apart from my family and our Christian faith, have included:



- Boats & Boating ...



- Motoring (especially in the old-fashioned fun sense of the word !) 


- Word games and Crosswords ... including LITERATI which is Online

   Scrabble - but more fun !


- Computers (after a short career programming early ones in the 

   1960s) ...


- Guitar playing ... and listening to Jazz  and many other styles ...


- Classical Music that's not too heavy or demanding ...


- Buying, improving and selling the family home of the time -

   far too many times !


- Collecting Books and Collecting Records



- Walking,  Swimming,  Theatre ... although these have recently been

   superseded by a passing (and about-to-stop) interest in eating out

   (and eating-in).