About me


John Miller



Home town:

Born near Portsmouth during the War. 


Early 2015 moved from ALDWICK, West Sussex, near BOGNOR REGIS ... to coastal NORFOLK !


Before moving to Aldwick we had lived in :


- Hayling Island (3 times), 

- Winchester (3 times),

- Selsey (twice),

- Emsworth, 

- Wiltshire, 

- Staffordshire, 

- the former Worcestershire,  

- Barkingside, 

- Gants Hill,

- coastal North Devon (twice) ... and ...


... and have we stopped having itchy feet ? ... who knows !


(Clearly not ... see elsewhere ... as you can now see  we've moved again ... to Norfolk !)


Apart from moving house ... see other pages for these !



see HOBBIES on another page !

My father, his brother and sister and my Mum's sister were all instrumentalists.



I think this means FILMS !!  If so, the last one I went to the Pictures to see was The King's Speech which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Since writing that, Joy an I took our  youngest granddaughter to see "The Secret Life of Pets" ... at £1.49 a ticket !


Films I've slept through at the Pictures include Captain Hook,  Toy Story and Madagascar.


Films I had to get a Parents' Consent form to see at School:  War of The Worlds,  Shane (Alan Ladd).  Without such a letter we were allowed to see The Titfield Thunderbolt ! 



English, Schoolboy French and Latin ... and some Cockney Rhyming Slang.  I love to hear YIDDISH ... and Greek ! 
My motto:

The WORLD is run by those who TURN UP!


My Favourite Verses:

John 3 v16,   Psalm 118 v8,


My Favourite Psalms:

Psalm 91 ... should be read at the start of every day !  And look at Psalm 37 several times a week !


Having taken the opportunity to accept Early Retirement in 1996 I would thoroughly recommend it !


Shortly before I retired, my wife Joy and I bought and renovated a very interesting 17th Century 1-bedroomed cottage in the lovely backwater of PILTON, Barnstaple.  It was formerly part of Pilton Abbey - which I understand may never have been an abbey!  Then after I retired, and when Joy was well enough after major surgery, we decided to sell our similar-aged home in Potterne, Wiltshire ... and buy something with a few more rooms AND A SEA VIEW in North Devon.


We found just the right place, exactly when we needed it.  We moved into Montpelier House, Ilfracombe in December 1999.  The house offered so much space that we knew it would be difficult to take everything with us if we ever moved again !


It soon became clear to us that the biggest drawbacks to North Devon were the distance (and travel times) to get to any other part of the country; Ilfracombe is 75 minutes from the nearest Motorway junction!  Then there was the distinct lack of decent shopping facilities in the town.  While we lived there, there was no supermarket, something we've nearly all come to take for granted.  However, I believe a very large TESCO out-of-town store has opened since we left!


For family reasons we sold the house in December 2005 and moved to Aldwick - into a house half the size we had become used to - and quickly discovered just how much can be crammed into a loft, a brand new workshop, a garage and a small Summer House ... essential if one doesn't find it easy to part with things !


Shortly after arriving in Aldwick I signed up as a member of the local FREECYCLE Groups in Chichester, Bognor Regis, Littlehampton, Havant and Portsmouth.  They are part of Yahoo.


Freecycle, originally an American idea ( but still a good one !)   exists to encourage us all to give things away rather than sending them to the tip if there is any life remaining in them!  No money changes hands - and it is an eye-opener to see what some people offer to give away !!


We have given away (among MANY other things):

- TVs

- computers, monitors, printers and scanners

- Audio equipment

- a Wine Rack

- a Wheelchair

- several fence panels

- a massive, heavy glass fish / reptile tank

- an Immersion Heater

- many Board Games  

- the large cardboard packing boxes we used in our house-move

- a Juniper conifer, a Palm-type tree and some Pond fish


On the other hand we've gratefully received:

- A Horse Chestnut tree

- a fully equipped Mirror Sailing Dinghy with road trailer

- some specialist electric tools

- a clump of Bullrushes

- a 5ft square gilt-framed mirror from a Royal Hunting Lodge (!)

- a Coracle and many other useful, interesting things !

- and now some boxes for our 2015 move !!


You should try it !  Just Google the word Freecycle and the name of your town or nearest town !  (Note: In some areas it is known as FREEGLE but it's the same idea)


I digress !


Through the lady who gave us the Mirror Dinghy we were introduced to a couple who have a lovely period home with Beach frontage in West Sussex.  They asked Joy and me whether we would consider keeping an eye on their house when they are away - for security and to look out for the fabric of the buildings - and look after their Tubs, Urns, Hanging Baskets and the other planters around their house and gardens.  


We were also invited, as part of the deal, to use one or two of their Edwardian timber-framed Greenhouses for our own plants - and to grow salads, peppers and other things.


It was also suggested that maybe I would sometimes help by driving them to and from events, meetings, airports and to visit relatives ... in their very posh car!


And so, apart from time at home - and time on short-notice weekends away -  and alongside any Church activities - or time online ... that is how some of my retirement free-time is occupied ...


... or it was, until the last day of 2012.  I no longer do that and I very often wonder how I ever managed to find time to do it for so many years !


New things happen,  old things start up again,  life moves on.


Grandchildren grow, they grow up, they move into new circles and they embrace new priorities, new interests ... and often we can only watch ... and pray ... and be here if they need us.


We have never - in all our married life - ruled out the possibility of considering another house move !  Even now I can't say it's off the agenda ... at the right time.


Watch this space ... !


(January 2015 ! ......... We've  MOVED AGAIN !)


We are now, once again, living in a house large enough to share with at least one daughter and her family ... possibly with another daughter and her family ... and for a while, with our son who moved with us and is taking on the bulk of the Alterations and Modernisation work.


We have begun to explore the surrounding area and found that this is not only a lovely part of the country - and with very good beaches and coastline - but it is also amazingly well supplied with Builders Merchants, Eating Places, DIY Stores, the usual Chain Stores and Retail Parks ... and some interesting history, including some to be proud of ! 


As well as all that, there are so many Churches that it is going to be interesting, waiting to see where we shall find ourselves settling in ... especially after making so many good friends at Bognor's OPENGATE Baptist Church and at SOUTH BERSTED Parish Church, Bognor's so-called "mother church", dating from the 13th Century.